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After narrowly escaping a masked assailant, Adrien attempts to go back to their regular college life, but the killer is still out there... Spend your time with one of three love interests, avoid dying, and find the real killer... though they may be closer than you think!

In a new take on the murder mystery genre, the killer is randomly chosen from one of the love interests at the start of every new game. Every playthrough is different, with each killer and love interest having different plot lines.

Demo Features

  • 3 endings depending on which love interest you spend time with
  • Different scenes and dialogue depending on who the killer is
  • A colorful cast of side characters
  • Choose from 2 character designs (feminine & masculine) and gender
  • Around 1-2 hours long

Full Game Features

  • 3 love interests
  • Multiple endings depending on the killer, love interest route, and your choices
  • A colorful cast of side characters
  • Choose from 2 character designs (feminine & masculine) and gender
  • Over 50,000 words

The suspects


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DoD Demo v1.01 - Windows 103 MB
DoD Demo v1.01 - MacOS 102 MB
DoD Demo v1.01 - Linux 108 MB

Development log


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Hello.  I have only one request: for the sake of game preservation/posterity please allow this demo to remain up even after the final/full game is released (and/or a different demo is created).  It is fantastic to see the progression of a game from early days to the final build.  :)


This is a really cool concept! I really enjoyed the demo. I can't wait for the full release. Though with the randomized killer thing I think I could tell when Edwin was the killer due to the way he acted. No idea about the other two. I like Edwin the most atm though. good demo!

Thank you so much! ♥


So interesting! The randomized killer concept is so cool.


oh my gosh your seriously underrated, i like how this combines murder mystery and a dating sim, the player we play as i like how we can also use many different pronouns and i like how you could also do a survey so that you can take information from, the love interests i love their jobs and how serious they are because they dont see this as a game, i like how this site is done all dark like this games story and laslty the different choices is cool, i hope you do end up releasing the finished game in the future and nice job!


Me gusto la demo , los personajes principales y secundarios,  la libertad de poder decidir entre las 2 versiones del protagonista y el pronombre del protagonista.

Solo como un comentario al poner el menú de salvado o opciones me parecería mejor que se modificara que aparece una mancha de sangre en lo personal juegue el juego durante la noche y eso lastimaba mis ojos cada vez que quería guardar la partida.

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Ill try this demo game! I like demo games lmao but some havent finished in process ;-;