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Katie has just moved to a new town on Halloween, only to discover that there’s a curse that plagues the town every year on the spooky holiday. Though she may not necessarily believe in the curse, she gets wrapped up in this old mystery that unfolds throughout the night.

As the unfortunate events with the curse transpire on Halloween, Katie and the townsfolk are all trapped in the inn, with no understanding of how and why they’re being held. The only goal they have is to make it until morning, and get everyone out alive.

Will the curse take anyone throughout All Hallows’ Eve?

Not It is a horror visual novel that features eight diverse characters throughout the story. You'll play as Katie, a woman who just moved to this quiet town on Halloween and is slowly wrapped up in a vivid mystery that unfolds throughout the night.

This visual novel features 30k words and 25 different possible outcomes. It’s truly an adventure where your decisions and actions will matter, and you might just lose townsfolk along the way.

Not It was made for the 2019 Spooktober Visual Novel Jam by Devtalk+ which took place during the month of October. It's our team's first published Visual Novel and we would like to add some additional features after the jam is over.

Katie’s new to town, and thrown into havoc and mayhem on a frightful Halloween. Does she believe in the curse or think it’s folly? 

The mayor takes great care of the town. After all, he has to worry about his citizens. Could he be doing more to prevent the pandemonium from the curse rumors? 

Rita's convinced the curse is real, and desperately wants to get out of town. 

Officer Mike has been around this quiet town for a long time, and surely his commanding nature will take control of the situation.

Willow works at the historical society for this quiet town. While she may not necessarily believe in the curse, is she mistaken?

Joseph is a very cautious man and takes the curse seriously. Having lived in this town, he's well versed to the on-goings. 

Vinnie is just passing through, as the town engulfs him into this chaotic night. Is his appearance a coincidence, or is he here for more sinister plans?

Frank is the inn's caretaker, and a lovely older gentleman. He certainly can't be planning anything disastrous right? 

Writer - Samantha Lienhard
Editor - Ashe Thurman
Character & CG Artist - Lauren Harris
Background Artist - Allison Eddy
Art Director & UI Artist - Hadara Madrak
Scene Composition & Sound Design - Jacob Staub
Marketing - Courtney Gamache-Owen
Recruitment - Mango
Director - John Madrak

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Version 1.5.0

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hello! whats your policy on people making youtube videos playing your game? Thank you!

Hello, feel free to make videos about our games! Thanks for asking and we hope you enjoy Not It.


I just tried one possible ending because game is too slow or laggy, i dont know which. If its laggy then optimization is bad and it made me hate playing. Game is cool but i suffered while playing because dialogues were taking at least 10 seconds to update after i cliked to skip it. Changing scenes were taking up to 30 seconds.

*Spoilers down there*

Like i said i tried one ending and it was me stabbing joseph, and happy ending? I thougt it would take more effort to find the murderer or possessed one. I dont actually understand what was going on, i always thougt it was a serial killer and not a curse. But game ended with me killing one person and i dont know what was going around now.

Im gonna be honest : Graphics are cool, storyline is good but the way you tried to tell it was bad, and optimization was horrible. I rate this game 6/10

(2 edits)

We're sorry to hear that you had issues running the game. This game is from a game jam that happened a little over a year ago and we haven't received any similar reports from the other people that have played the game but it's possible that your computer has lower specifications compared to most of our other players and our test machines. If you could share your computer's specifications we can look into it further.

Regarding the story itself - it sounds like you didn't solve the mystery! There are many different endings and you received one of the easier-to-achieve "bad endings" that doesn't expose the details of the story. Unfortunately, it sounds like you won't be able to enjoy the real story due to the performance issues you're experiencing.

My pc is low-end but considering it's a webnovel genre, i shouldn't have any problem. I played other webnovel's on itch io and did not have performance issues unlike yours. If i am the only one with that problem, then game is good. But if several people also has issues then you should optimize your next games better. Have a good day!

I'm having trouble starting it up on Mac. It doesn't get past the loading screen. I'm wondering if its just my computer, but it's only a year old. 

Sorry to hear that you're having trouble getting the game to start. We checked it on a 2013 Macbook Pro and didn't run into any issues. What is happening when you try to launch the game? What are your specs?

i'm really struggling with finding all the endings! is there any chance of a walkthrough?

also (spoiler ish i guess?) I've been trying out a bunch of different dialogue options and for some reason, after officer mike calls katie "matthew" after suspecting us of being possessed, neither option of "I'm Katie" or "I understand" have any dialogue afterwards? I figure this is just a bug or something, but I've reloaded the game multiple times and it still won't go on from there.

Thank you so much for reporting this issue. We've released a new version of the game which fixes this bug. Please let us know if you run into any other issues.

found another bug I believe? it's after officer mike asks what happened the night before, and you have the option to either say that you don't remember or that you did a lot of terrible things yesterday, there's no dialogue afterwards.

Thank you again. We've found the issue and released a new version of the game which fixes it. Please let us know if you run into any other issues and we apologize for the two issues that you've encountered so far.


you don’t have to apologize! you’ve made a wonderful game and bugs are bound to occur, I’m glad that I could help out :^)

If you're having issues finding a particular ending feel free to stop by our Discord to ask for some hints!

what's your discord?


Any chance this is getting a Mac version? The game seems cool and the art style is really interesting.

Thank you for the kind words! I've just published a Mac version - please let us know what you think.

The game was really good! A little short perhaps.

I found all the ends except one, it's frustrating >.<

Thank you! We hope to release a longer story in the future.

Good luck on finding the last ending. If you want help feel free to stop by our Discord.

Why is it listed as a NSFW game? Are there NSFW scenes?

There are not NSFW images however there are violent scenes throughout the game.