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The Last Act  is a mystery-romance visual novel about a young woman named Sarah, who aspires to be the lead in a play. She finally lands her big break, but then disturbing supernatural incidents start happening around the theater. All she wanted was a smashing opening night, but instead, she might be breaking a leg... LITERALLY.

Can she solve the mysteries of the theater before opening night? Will love bloom along the way?

With the help of the lovable and friendly ghost Silas, sultry detective Gavin, and her skeptical co-star Joshua, she might just be able to solve the mystery before their premiere!

Sarah is the female protagonist for The Last Act and is at the center of the story and the supernatural incidents. You’ll be taking on the role of Sarah and navigating your way through the story as you try to discover the dark truth of the theater while also preparing to perform your heart out. After all, the show must go on.

Casting Call for an Opening in Your Heart!
While Sarah might be caught up in a mysterious play, love can bloom in the strangest of places! Three eligible bachelors in The Last Act are Sarah’s romance options:

  • The loveable specter Silas, who has his own heavy and complicated backstory. Can Sarah reach Silas’s ethereal heart?

  • Investigator Gavin, a complicated character wrapped up in his own mysteries and secrets. Can Sarah accept Gavin for who he truly is?

  • Delightful Joshua, who is a wonderful man but very narrow-minded and skeptical about the paranormal. Can Joshua be the leading man in Sarah’s heart?

  • A mysterious tale of heartbreak, romance, and supernatural events
  • Unique soundtrack with 12 tracks
  • Nine illustrated backgrounds showing different places throughout the story
  • 35,000 words that immerse the player in Sarah’s supernatural world
  • Six characters with three romance options full of personality
  • Multiple endings where your choices matter
  • 20 beautifully illustrated CGs in a gallery for collecting

Samantha Lienhard - Writer
Ashe Thurman - Editor

Lauren Harris - Character & CG Artist
Jace McLenaghan - Background Artist
Hadara Madrak - UI Artist

Nikita Kryukov - Composer

Foleso - Scripting
Jacob Staub - Scripting
Campbell Turner - Additional Programming

John Madrak - Director
Courtney Gamache-Owen - Marketing Director
BáiYù - Social Media Marketer
Jacob Staub - Producer

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Buy Now$4.99 USD or more

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